Participant Instructions for Soil in Poland

  1.  Selecting your place: Choose your special place to collect a sample of soil from. Please be as specific as possible (ex: under a tree you once planted in your backyard).

  2. Obtaining the soil: If you are going to Poland, please go to the site and gather the soil sample yourself or ask a friend or family member to gather it for you. If neither of these I can collect the soil on your behalf.

  3. Gathering Soil: Please gather 250 ml (1 cup) of soil. Please do not select potting mix soil, but rather soil that is native to the location. The sample must be free of larger rocks, leaves and particles.

    1. Dry your soil sample in the sun prior to shipment to reduce weight

    2. Place your soil sample in a glass jar (thoroughly cleaned, label removed), that is approximately 3” wide and 4’’ tall (ex: a vitamin, food or cosmetic  jar).

    3. Place the glass jar inside a microwave safe plastic container no larger that 5” high and 5” wide (ex: a take out container).

    4. On a separate sheet of paper write: your name, contact information and the address where the soil was collected from.

  4. Shipping Soil: Make sure the package contains the glass jar of soil inside a plastic microwave-safe container, and contact information. Send to the following address: 

    Adam Kapler
    Polska Akademia Nauk Ogród Botaniczny
    Centrum Zachowania Różnorodności Biologicznej w Powsinie
    ul. Prawdziwka 2
    02-973 Warszawa